OB Designs | Baby Comforter | Bodhi Bunny

OB Designs | Baby Comforter | Bodhi Bunny

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OB Design's baby comforter toys are used to help settle babies to sleep. They are flat which makes them light and easy for little ones to snuggle.

This popular "Huggie" soft plush toy has oh so soft OB Designs fur and lovely long ears.  With just one cuddle, you’ll never want to let him go.

Irresistibly cute and a perfect gift. Everyone treasures this little dog.  These stuffed animals plush toys dogs are so hug-gable and lovely!

Bodhi Bunny’s Baby Comforter "Bio"

Job: Urban Shaman
Likes: Wellness Retreats & Bliss Balls 
Dislikes: Closed Toe Shoes & Fruit Flies

Baby Comforter Features:

  • 30 cm
  • Weighted beads in arms
  • Toy hook so it doesn't get lost