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An all-natural, everyday miracle for your skin! From Earth Organic Healing Oil started from humble beginnings as a mother’s home-made remedy for eczema. This product then planted the seeds that grew From Earth, paving the way in creating the company’s philosophy. 

Completely chemical free, this oil can be used to help treat anything and everything from eczema, psoriasis and general rashes, right through to cuts, bruises and mosquito bites. Made with a restorative blend of essential oils that will work protect the skin from infections, prevent scarring and reduce inflammation. There is also added marshmallow root, nettle leaf and calendula for their unbelievable healing and soothing properties. This is an absolute must-have product!



Not to be confused with THC oil, hemp oil is perfectly legal and does not contain any psychoactive properties. Harvested from the seed of the hemp plant, hemp oil (or hempseed oil) is green in colour due to high concentrations of chlorophyll and is packed with essential fatty acids (the building blocks of healthy skin). This heavyweight champion is also rich in vitamins and moisturising agents that work to soothe inflammation, hydrate the skin and fight against signs of ageing.


Marshmallow root has been used for thousands of years due to its healing properties. Known as a powerful anti-inflammatory, this herb is extremely effective in naturally relieving eczema. It’s also been shown to assist with healing wounds, reducing pain and promoting overall skin health. From Earth only sources high-quality, natural marshmallow root to ensure maximum benefits are included in each product.


Lavender is a favourite for natural products as its renowned for having an abundance of health benefits. A natural antibacterial agent, lavender is known to curb skin irritation and relieve pain and migraines. Its divine aroma is also extremely effective in calming the nervous system and helping promote improved and relaxed moods.


Hemp oil, marshmallow root, calendula, nettle leaf, lavender & natural derived vitamin E