Seeking Slow - Reclaim Moments of Calm in Your Day

Seeking Slow - Reclaim Moments of Calm in Your Day

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Are you being consumed by never-ending to-do lists? Are you working harder and enjoying less? Seeking Slow provides simple ways for you to slow down and reconnect with yourself, your family, and your surroundings - and find joy in doing it.

If daily life feels like a relentless onslaught, its time to discover the beauty of slow living. Being fully present and embracing what you have is key; whether that means getting outdoors for a walk with family, learning to meditate, taking up a new craft, reading a book, or simply taking a long deep breath during the umpteenth load of laundry.

This soothing book includes helpful insights into:

  • Times and schedules
  • Tips for learning to nurture yourself
  • Seasonal living
  • Meditation and mindful living

Feel your heart rate drop as you read this gentle guide to slowing down.

Just what some of us need right now, learning the art of slowing down. Me included!