SOH Candle | Fig Tree
SOH Candle | Fig Tree
SOH Candle | Fig Tree

SOH Candle | Fig Tree

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Fig. Nature’s fragrance: our indulgence.

Think of a large old fig tree, you'r sitting  underneath on your picnic blanket.  Gentle warm breeze as you cut open fresh figs with a punnet of blackberries to your left, Muscat to your right.  What could be better?

Having it all in a candle glass.

Burn together with company & wine.

70 + hours burn time


Scent of Home (SOH) Melbourne create bespoke candles created and poured in Melbourne since 2013.  

SOH candles creates products that, in their own words "express the purity, freshness, simplicity and ethics we associate with our country, Australia". 

With a burning time of 70hrs these Australian soy, beeswax and candle grade paraffin together with highly concentrated fragrances will fill your space with warmth and love.  

SOH are a Floral favourite and have been with us from the beginning. They are a truly special candle and make a truly special gift!