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Creating A Space That Gives Life And Connection To All Who Enter.

Restore peace and joy to your home as you create a space that gives your loved ones a comfortable place to connect. In Restoration House, designer and lifestyle guide Kennesha Buycks shows you how to curate and decorate your home (even on a small budget!) and create mindful spaces that give life to all who enter.

How many times have you felt discouraged as you scrolled through Instagram or Pinterest at impeccably styled home decor that your family would destroy in moments Designer and decor aficionado Kennesha Buycks is here to help you love the home you have and design spaces to welcome others.

"Home is more than a mere space to be filled with pretty pillows and beautifully ordained walls," Kennesha says. Restoration House is about creating a home filled with places and spaces where people can feel secure, connected, revived, and renewed. Restoration has been a consistent theme and message throughout the lifespan of Kennesha's blog, Restoration House Interiors.

Now she guides you to create a more mindful, peaceful, restored home while finding joy in the process.

With gorgeous photography and pages of practical wisdom, tips, and tricks to creating a restored, welcoming, peaceful space for people to enjoy, Restoration House is for people in all stages of life. Rediscover the heart of your home as you create warm spaces for connection and renewal.