Marmoset Found | Balloon Vase (Green or Rose)

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Color: Green

Using traditional techniques, this Marmoset Found Balloon Vase is ideal for any room, with its hand casted glass and classic shape; it adds beauty and stability to any home décor.

Its 16 x 16 x 32cm dimensions create a larger size with modern appeal, perfect for larger floral arrangements. Crafted with traditional glassmaking methods, this piece is the perfect balance of timeless beauty and modernity.

Please note bubbles can appear in the glass because it is blown glass. The shapes are formed literally with the craftsmen's breath.

Bubbles are part of the charm of a hand-blown piece and add character to each glass by making each piece different.

The Balloon Vase is the newest addition to the Marmoset Found Collection at Floral Harvest. Available in green and rose pink, in stock, ready to ship.